A Geek Without His Devices (at night)

Do you use your devices in bed?
Do you use your devices in bed?

Let’s talk about technology. First, I love it. I love the powerful ways we can work and communicate with technology. I can record a talk show and post it online for anyone in the world to listen to. My phone has the ability to record video and take amazing pictures and communicate with anyone just about anywhere.

With that said, I started an experiment a week and a half ago ago. I decided I didn’t like my nighttime routine. I’d spend a lot of time on my iPad surfing the web (when was the last time you heard that expression?). I’d play a dumb casual game on my phone. Whatever I was doing, I’d spend an hour or two lying in bed, not doing anything particularly meaningful.

I changed three things to conduct this experiment:

  • I plug in my phone and iPad in the office downstairs (I kept my eInk Kindle upstairs as a part of the second point)
  • I make sure I have a book available by my bed (I’ve tried to make these books that will teach me something)
  • I put an empty notebook and a pen on my bedside table in case I think of a great idea

It’s been pleasant week. I’ve finished two and a half books. I filled a page and a half of the notebook with tasks that I’d like to work on, write about, or talk about. I’ve had conversations with my wife instead of staring at my iPad’s display.

It’s a strange topic for an introductory post on a blog about technology but I believe it’s an apt one. I want to deal with the way technology impacts our lives and our relationships. I want to consider the best way to use our devices and services in a thoughtful way to make our lives better. I want to learn and help others learn to break free of our technology and use it like the tool that it is.

So now for your part. What part of your life could use a little less tech in it?

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