A Deal on Marked 2

From Brett Terpstra

I’ve built Marked 2 to be a tool for professional writers. More than just a Markdown previewer, it boasts features for improving your writing and keeping track of advanced statistics. Marked works with Scrivener and Ulysses 3 too, showing you compiled versions of your complete document as you work, and seeing changes instantly as you make them.

If you’re a writer I recommend you look into Markdown. It’s a way of marking up plain text documents in a way that’s easily portable between different applications and operating systems. John Gruber originally devised it for the web, but writers in all fields have found it useful.

Brett Terpstra is offering Marked, a tool for previewing the output of your Markdown-formatted text, at close to 30% off for the month of October in preparation for NaNoWriMo. Marked allows you to use any text editor with Markdown. A lot of professional writers use Markdown with Marked (I just purchased Byword, or I’d be getting in on this deal). Check it out if your interested.

Marked 2:

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