Are You Still Using Google Apps?


While compiling the list of apps on my iPhone 6 Plus I realized something — I’d listed not a single one from Google. It was something of a shock. Previously I’d had Gmail and Google Maps, Google+ and Hangouts, YouTube and Google Search. I’d even been using apps they’d acquired, like Snapseed. After setting up my iPhone 6 Plus as new, however, and downloading apps only as I needed them, after close to 3 weeks, I still hadn’t needed a single Google app.

I’ve noticed that I’ve been slowly drifting away from the Google Apps proper, myself. I’ve started using Mailbox for email on all platforms and I don’t use Google Calendar for much. Because I use a Nexus 5 I still use Google Hangouts a lot on that device, but I hardly touch it on my iPad. I use Google+ a lot because I like it.

Do you use the Google Apps more or less than you used to? Are you drifting to other services that work better for you? Let me know in the comments.

Why I’ve Stopped Using Google Apps on my iPhone 6 Plus:

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