App Crap: Colossatron

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I ran across Colossatron from HalfBrick on the featured page of the iOS App Store a few days ago. It’s a fun combination of several different game types including tower defense, match-three, and snake. The player takes the role of the Colossatron, a robotic snake from outer-space bent on destroying the world.


The gameplay is straightforward. The Colossatron has 4 cities to destroy on each of 7 continents. Destroying every city on a continent will open that continent in survival mode allowing you to earn money and prisms. Play consists of adding colored pods to the Colossatron while it snakes it’s way across the screen. The pods will fire at the enemy’s on the screen automatically.

Red, blue, and yellow pods appear on the screen at random. Three pods of the same color will combine to create a stronger pod, and three stronger pods of the same color can combine a second time. Two pods of different colors can combine into a secondary color, purple, orange, or green. The types of weapons the pods contain will rotate every day. You can, however, unlock a particular weapon forever with prisms, the games premium currency.


A wealth of upgrades and power-ups are available including pods that provide passive bonuses. These include increased firepower and shields, as well as a Mega-bomb pod that clears all enemies from the screen. As mentioned above, players can unlock favorite weapons as well as upgrade their armor. Players can also choose a perk after each continent. These unlock special attacks and the ability to rearrange the Colossatron at will.

After destroying the 28 cities in the campaign, you can start a Prestige campaign. Prestige mode starts you at the beginning of the campaing. You’ll retain your armor upgrades, weapon purchases, and access to survival mode. Your perks are also reset and the enemy difficulty is increased.

The Results

Colossatron blends several varieties of casual games into a unique format. It’s a quick game to pick up and play, but provides enough depth to keep me interested. The game is free-to-play, and hits the sweet spot for that format. It’s fun to play for free, but offers some enticing upgrades for a reasonable price. If you’re looking for a new casual game to play and you’re tired of the same old genres, give Colossatron a try.

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