The Rumored 12 Inch MacBook Air

I don’t usually cover rumors on Machine Compatible, but I’m excited about one about Apple. 9to5 Mac is reporting that Apple is working on a new 12" MacBook Air.

The new computer would be smaller than the current 11“ with a smaller bezel to accomodate the larger screen. One of my least favorite things about the 11” Air is the bezel. It’s such a huge wasted space and just makes the screen feel even smaller. It’s not as big an issue on the 13" because of the larger screen.

The new 12" will also only have a USB-C[1] port and a headphones jack. That’s an astounding number of ports in a device, but it makes sense. The MacBook Air was always supposed to be ultra-light and ultra-portable. It was built to contain the very barest of computing bones. Apple later found ways to give them great battery life and adequate power but that wasn’t in the original design.

The new Air will be compelling if Apple can combine the battery life and power of the current Air with a Retina display. The new Air will also differentiate the product lines by separating the MacBook Air line frm the Macbook Pro line.

Color me intrigued

  1. USB C is the new standard to replace the current USB plug format. It is smaller and reversible so you don’t have to worry about which way you’re plugging it in.  ↩