Big Ol’ Update

A lot of the things I’m doing online have changed. Podcasting has taken a bit of a backseat as I started a career in IT. I want to get back to it sooner than later, but I need a little more time to figure out where it fits in my life, etc. So in the meantime I’m refocusing the site on what I’m actually working on.

That’s been fiction over the last few months, specifically of the speculative/science/fantasy fiction variety. Most of the stuff that was on the site was centered around podcasting and promoting that. Those pages are still on the site, they’ve just been moved into an archive folder out of the way.

Check out the writing page, I have my first short story linked there. I originally envisioned this short story as the first in a pulp-style set of serials. Look for more to come in that series. I’ll take a few breaks to write more of these as I work on my bigger project. Speaking of which:

I’m about 25,000 words into a science-fantasy novel right now, yes, it sounds a little weird but bear with me. I’m happier with it so far than I’ve been with anything else I’ve written (including the short story that I’ve published for purchase on Amazon). There’s a lot to be written still, but keep an eye out here. I plan on dropping bits and pieces of story and world-building here, I look forward to sharing that with everyone.

Finally, I’m going to set something up in the sidebar to keep everyone updated on my various projects. You’ll be able to see my progress and what I’m working on, help hold me accountable on my writing, and get excited as projects get added, worked on, and completed.