Click to support us on Patreon.
Click to support us on Patreon.

I’m not currently accepting supporters on Patreon. If the time comes that I reactivate that method of support I’ll have an updated support page. What’s below is for historical purposes.

We don’t charge for any of our content at Machine Compatible. We want as many people as possible to participate in what we’re doing. We want the only barrier to entry to be having a phone or tablet or a computer at the library(wear your headphones, people are studying!).

We do, however, want the ability to create great shows full time. We want to be able to focus all of our energy into making our content better and better. So how do we reconcile the two?

We believe there is a precedent that we can look to and modify for our purposes. During the Renaissance writers, artists, and musicians were often supported by wealthy citizens who believed that the arts were important. These citizens were called Patrons. The relationship between artist and patron allowed the arts to grow and flourish during that time and benefited not just the artist and patron but society as a whole. We’re still reaping those benefits today.

Through the power of the internet, we think the patron-artist relationship can be reestablished. We aren’t just tapping into the power of a single wealthy patron, we’re connecting with hundreds or even thousands of patrons with a dollar or two to spare. If you enjoy our work here at Machine Compatible, please consider joining us.